Types of Digital Marketing to grow business online 2019

Types of digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing?

The marketing which can be done with the help of some digital medium such as mobile applications, computer software’s, websites, social media, emails, televisions, radio, and SMS is called digital marketing.

However, Digital marketing is categorized into two types offline digital marketing and online digital marketing.

Types of digital marketing

Offline Digital Marketing – The marketing strategies which utilize electronic device but without the internet comes under Offline Digital Marketing.

Television and Radio are electronic devices in which internet connection is not essential for marketing. Hence, we called it offline marketing.

Online Digital Marketing – The marketing strategies which utilize the electronic device with internet connections are categorized as online digital marketing.

However, online digital marketing is also famous as internet marketing because it uses the internet.

Below are some major types of online digital marketing which you can apply in your marketing strategy –

1. Search Engine Optimization(SEO) – Search Engine Optimization is an online process of optimizing the content of our website to increase its visibility on search engine results.

Therefore, Google can crawl it and show it in the search result pages. SEO is an essential part of digital marketing. Hence, it attracts targeted users towards our website to generate traffic on it.

2. Social Media Marketing(SMM) – Social Media Marketing is the process of sharing content, images, and videos on social media sites.

Nowadays the trend of using social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter is increasing rapidly.

So, Social Media Marketing is the best marketing strategy to generate instant traffic on your website.

3. Search Engine Marketing(SEM) – Search Engine Marketing is a paid marketing strategy through which users pay Google to show their business ads in search results.

Hence, it is an effective way of marketing because you can target the users and gain traffic from a targeted region on your website.

4. Mobile Marketing – Marketing through SMS and mobile applications such as WhatsApp and Instagram is known as Mobile Marketing or Phone Advertisement.

You can share your website links, images, and videos on a mobile application to attract users. It is also a good source of traffic.

5. Content Marketing – Content marketing is a long-term process. High-quality content is essential for content marketing. In content marketing use quality content and make it more interesting by using it on videos, banners, articles, and blogs then share it into different sites to attract users.

If you share quality and relevant content about your product then user engagement increases more towards it. Remember, write the interesting content so that the user will more like to read it.

6. Email Marketing – Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to promote your brand or product. It can be done with Gmail or other email marketing tools like Mail Chimp. Mail ids are required to send emails for the users.

Attractive templates are also available on the internet through which you can write mail more attractive to engage users.

More than 80% of users check their emails daily so Email Marketing is very effective to convert email users into customers.

7. Affiliate Marketing – Affiliated marketing is in trends nowadays and the best way to make money online.

If you refer someone to an online product selling website and when that person buys the product through your reference then you receive an affiliate commission. Hence, it is the process of how affiliated marketing actually works.

8. Pay Per Click Marketing(PPC) – Pay Per Click is an online marketing strategy to drive traffic on site from a targeted audience. Yes, in PPC you can show your ad on the internet at the targeted time, targeted locations and for targeted users.

It is a very reliable process of digital marketing because it allows marketers to pay only when someone clicks on their ad that is why it is known as Pay Per Click.

9. Paid Marketing – Paid marketing is also known as a paid brand advertisement. Yes, paid brand advertisement is a marketing strategy to pay other website owners for the promotion of our own brand and products.

Digital Banner Marketing is an example of Paid Marketing. In Digital Banner Marketing we pay for other website owners to show our product or brand advertisement on their site.

Therefore, it is a very effective process if we show our brand’s advertisement on other relevant sites which have a high number of per day visitors.

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Conclusion- Digital Marketing is an interesting way of marketing. There are two types of digital marketing offline digital marketing and online digital marketing.

For any digital marketer, it is very essential to know about the types of online digital marketing strategies. There are different types of digital marketing strategy to promote business, service, and brand online. You can apply any of the digital marketing strategies to grow your business.

Digital marketing is essential for consistent business growth. Hence, it is the future of business.

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