What is link building and Why it is important for SEO


What is link building?

Link building is an essential part of off-page SEO. Hence, it uses to create back-links for the website. Back-links are also called incoming links.

In other words, when two websites connected with each other through the external link is called backlinking. Therefore, link building is the process to create back-links for the website.

How to create backlinks –

You can easily create back-links for your own site by posting your website links on other sites. Yes, if you want to do link building for your site then it is essential to use unique content about your site and post it into different sites to attract users.

When you have so many back-links then it is good for you in two ways. First is Google will crawl your page and second is users will attract towards your site if they see your website links on different sites.

If the website has strong back-links then Google gives more preference for that website in its search results. Link-building acquires the users from another website to our own through hyperlinks.

Hyperlinks are the click-able links through which users can navigate from one page to another on the internet.

Whenever the user performs any query on search engine then Google performed three main tasks to show the best search results for the users.

  • Crawling
  • Indexing
  • Results

Hence, these are three basic tasks which Google do to show the best results for the users. Crawling is the process when Google search all the results related to the keywords or queries which user entered into the search engine.

Indexing is the process through which Google selected the optimized and unique content related to the searched keyword and add it into its index.

Therefore, the search engine does not see the content only but it also counts the number of back-links created for your website.

The third task performed by Google is to show the result on the top of the search engine on the first page.

If your website has some quality back-links then Google gives more preference to your site and show it into the top search results.

Also, read this to create backlinks in directory sites: http://www.writermegha.com/2019/04/12/best-directory-sites/

Hence, link-building is a time-consuming process but it gives results for a long time. For link building you can use classified sites, bookmarking sites, business directories and article submission sites to post your website URL.

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